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- Employees Retraining Board


- The Government of the Hong Kong SAR (GovHK) 
- Labour & Welfare Bureau 
- Labour Department 
- Labour Department Interactive Employment Service 
- Social Welfare Department 
- Occupational Safety & Health Council

Training Bodies (Yuen Long & Tuen Mun)

- Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University
- Caritas - Hong Kong
- Hong Kong Employment Development Service Limited
- HKCT Group Limited
- The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
- Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited
- The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hongkong
- The Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions
- The Free Methodist Church of Hong Kong
- The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions
- The Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship Limited
- Hong Kong Institute of Technology
- New Home Association Limited
- New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
- New Territories Association Retraining Centre Limited
- Hong Kong St. John Ambulance
- St. James' Settlement
- The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
- Vocational Training Council
- The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
- Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service
- Yan Oi Tong Limited
- Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association

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Other Organizations

- Office of the Communications Authority
- Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority 
- SME Funding Schemes 
- Hong Kong Trade Development Council 
- Hong Kong Productivity Council