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Training & Career Needs Test

Training & Career Needs Test is an assessment tool developed by training body for ERB, to facilitate users to have a preliminary understanding of their career aspirations, and assist them in selecting suitable training courses.

Format:The Test is a self-administrated online questionnaire containing 60 items. Users only need to answer all questions honestly and frankly basing on their personal views. In general, it takes about 20 minutes to complete the Test.

Theoretical framework:The Test was designed by making reference to Self-Directed Search (SDS) assessment tool developed by John Holland, which was based on the theory that both people and working environment could be classified according to six basic types. SDS is a simple, practical tool that is suitable for people of different ages.

Result and Analysis:After completing the questionnaire, the system will assess the two more prominent personality types of the users, so as to identify the more suitable job types and training courses for them.

6 Personality Types Interest and Personality Characteristics Suitable Job Types
Realistic Practical-minded, love to make handicrafts, competent in making use of tools and machines, like to learn practical skills Craft and technical occupations such as engineering, building, maintenance
Investigative) Love to investigate and explore new things; logical thinking; analytical and possess problem solving abilities Investigative and intellectual occupations such as working in information technology and communication industries
Artistic) Like creative and original work, impulsive, self-expressive using different medias Creative occupations like entertainment and design
Social Friendly, generous, helping people, enjoy interacting with others Occupations involving helping people like social services and healthcare services
Enterprising Energetic, persuasive, ambitious and risk-taking Selling and marketing occupations like financial, property and retail industry
Conventional Conventional, like to work following well structured plans and orderly instructions Occupations requiring clear procedures and routines such as accounting, import and export, logistics

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